Sunday, June 01, 2008


Looks like dejay and rebecca and others did the 24 hours of finale and did is a great race...maybe a revisit...

Chipps was up and we took off for the midge infested north for a ride. A great loop, in excellent condition. All good. Perhaps you'll see some of it in singletrack soon....keep your eyes peeled.

Heading down to the bristol 12 this weekend coming. Doing the 12 hr race with shaggy, tymo, and phil. Although i may struggle to keep up, im stoked to be racing...especially as mel and brah shaggy are now engaged to be married...will be great to see them...bravo!

The pink bike will be my companion for that, so ill re-gear it and remove the racks...the Looks seem to be much friendlier after this last ~80 miles or so...seems if its a vague clip in, you should re-clip in and its all good. MUCH more stable for pushing hard, and not so many unplanned un clips. It seems to be a bedding in process is taking place, or maybe im just getting used to them. But, i certainly will not be going back now.


manchester trev said...

Congratulations Mel and Shaggy!

weasel said...

shaggy looks somewhat pensive rather than celebratory there!

marty savalas said...

seems if its a vague clip in, you should re-clip in and its all good.
dave seemed to be having same issues when we were out round n3 last week. i thought he mightn't have sufficient weight to overcome the spring tension, but know i know not... :)