Monday, June 16, 2008

24 solo, the film fest and a wombat in edinburgh.

Sunday i met up with fellow tspc squadders marty, chris and jac, A quick pint of thrappledouser and we headed into the film house to see 24 solo. This was supposed to be a trek vehicle for eatough (eat-off, as in a PLATE)....see at conyers in 2006 he was heading for a 7th solo 24 hour world championships. But an unknown from australia pitched up and shoved a huge, great big spanner into the works. The pace in the early part of the race was truly frightening, and both the aussie, craig gordon, and eatough pushed it as far as i have seen any athletes. In the end, one man destroyed himself to beat the other. A truly epic battle and fortunately not spoiled by the trek-centric viewpoint. Well worth seeing.

As we sat down to catch the film, in walked jacquie phelan. She is over here promoting bicycles and teaching riding skills etc to kids. It was fab to have chance for a catch up and a pint or 2 after the film..


jacquie phelan said...

Me (again)
I will never forget that afternoon's conversation.
You are a DERVISH.
An effervescent citizen of the whirled.
Forgive slavish tone, it's late, all inhibition/propriety gone 2 sleep. Must follow.

hmm the verification code word below is xeskvquls...and I wonder if it's just me that makes up meanings to these silly potpourri words? "excess qvotientlightly sauteed"

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean womp rat?