Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Marty sent me a link to an interview with craig maclean. Worth a read. As part of the sprint squad he puts in 2 -3 2000 watt efforts as a training session. Oh.

Obviously, that is a specialized thing - you cant tip over the top of that 2000 watt hill and then roll on for a century (at least, i dont think you can).

I am going to run a larger gear (46:18, or 46:17) for the next session. The maximum climb is 5% so its not a major strain, but i'd be interested to know what power i can put out then continue to do so for the next four 16 ish kms.


Simon said...

2000 watts is pretty mental! I'd be happy to reach a 10th of that :)

Nick said...


Can't you get a rough estimate of VO2max from power and weight? I'd be interested to see his VO2 max, can he reach the 92.5 ml/kg/min of Greg Lemond?