Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anyone clever with metal work?

Picture belongs to vertigo cycles. See more on the flickr page, or the web page.

Now then....lets just say you machined off the angled surface on the bottom of a king top cap, and found a dinky conical washer like that gold one. Presto - ahead style king set.

Anybody any thoughts on how to do this?


Marty Savalas said...

fsa orbit xlii

sometimes the most expensive option isn't the best.

Vertigo said...

Hey Jon,

I don't recall if I responded to you on flickr or not, my apologies if I didn't.

I don't know if this will work yet and won't have a good idea until the end of CX season...a long time from now. If I made and sold such a thing, I have no idea what kind of patent trouble I can get into. I'm in the camp that thinks that if you're having trouble with a CK headset, get a Cane Creek 110. I strongly feel that the CK o-ring can lead to issues when used on slightly undersized steerers.

good luck!