Thursday, April 17, 2008


Coincidences seemed to be the theme tonight.

It started after another hectic day at work. People off, cover, lots to do, drug clinic blah blah. And i was tired. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiired. The riding and everything i think have finally settled in the legs. Heavily. So.

Trina is off to belfast for the week end. Its nice to see your wife every now and again, so we went out for tea, to a well established haunt in glasgow, the stravaigan. We were eating (rather good) food, when i noticed a cars r coffins sticker stuck to a lamp post right outside. Not usual in the uk, but it made us smile.... we are amongst you, society, oh yes we are.

Smarting as i was from losing an entire callous after a blood blister exploded doing kettlebells this evening, it was still an eye opener to be asked by a bloke at the bar with full on alopecia what the beard was all about. Little did he know that i was a telly savalas player, and that i also knew that telly didnt have alopecia! ha!

Anyway, we talked and parted ways both a little wiser and a little more confused. I need to go to bed.

Who loves ya baby?

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