Monday, November 22, 2010

Who's scamming whom?

(Get the Objective Pronoun: so Stephen Fry).

Anyway, i picked up a Tummy Tub today. A Tummy Tub is a revolutionary new bath designed in Norway (unless you have kids, you will probably never know how much stuff that seems sensible and useful is designed in Scandinavia) for infants, that allows them to sit in the foetal position in water and reduces the risk of them inhaling it. All good. But it is a bucket, no?

Go on! enlarge that bugger! tell me if you think that is a bucket?

So: scam? maybe not so much. It is rounded internally and on the rim and is very secure. It also has a rubber ring to prevent slippage, and it is a pretty cheap, even compared to buckets.

Compare and contrast to this:

Again,clicky to make biggy. What you see there is a whole mess of ti tubing, alloy drilled and un-drilled washers and ti bolt 'upgrades' to an already stupidly expensive disc brake. Do i need it? nope. Is the cost/performance/weight gain even vaguely worthwhile? debatable.

Was i scammed? or just stupid? Hmm! good question!

But i think you'll agree the whole is pretty sweet (well, *nearly* whole!).


gfs said...

could have just plonked her in the sink. never did me any harm...

dRjON said...

still doesnt...

chrisD said...

it says tummy tub on the label, it must be a tummy tub?

Chipps said...

C'mon them - how much for the bucket?