Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tooled up.

Sometimes, it isn't the more complex, expensive or unusual tools that give you the most pleasure. Sometimes, its the simple lines, agreeable heft and good fit of a quality ring spanner.

This 7mm open and ring, 15 degree offset spanner by Britool will allow me to remove the bleed nipples, if i desire to do so, on the new xtr brakes. It turns out i dodn't have a 7mm spanner in the tool box - at least 3 8mm's but no 7mm. There you go.

And yes, about those xtr brakes...i'll colect some words together very shortly but suffice to say, Shimano havent just rebadged and utilised bold new graphics here. No, sir.


Anonymous said...

Time to cut your finger nails or paint them. ;-)

chrisD said...

Britool spanners do have a certain elegance and hold their edge well, you old romantic.