Friday, November 19, 2010


I hoover relevant information. Always have. Maybe not relative to others, but if it could or does make a difference to me, in it goes.

When i was a student, my brah Chris taught me a valuable lesson. On returning home from the pub one night, instead of picking up a poke of chips, or a 'bab, he made us a fantastic bitter green leaf, bacon and tomato salad, with bread and a red wine vinegar/dijon mustard dressing. You need to look after yourself. It may take an extra 5 or 10 minutes, but if you need food put some decent fuel in - you will reap the rewards!

Take this evo for example. Up at the hospital until 9. Bathed the grommet, got her dry skin olive-oiled and wrapped her up in a sleep suit, then got a few bits and bobs sorted out for trina and headed home. Aware she will have a busy night, whereas i'm heading home to a quiet time. It would be easy to just eat some crap, or pick up a pizza, and click on the interweb or watch a movie. But sometimes you need to make the effort to cook proper, wholesome food for yourself - even if it is *just* you alone.

So it was, i rubbed some chicken thigh fillets in salt & pepper and olive oil. Got them to room temp. Meanwhile, mixed a pot of corn and baked beans and popped them in the microwave. While they vibrated themselves hot, i fried up some red pepper and green onions. In a bowl i whisked up some molasses, chipotle, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard and horseraddish and a dash of olive oil. Combined all the latter and chopped up some romaine leaves. When the thighs were golden on the griddle, i let them sit and dug out some commercial bbq sauce. Sit down: pop beer and eat. Awesome. Spoiling yourself and fuelling yourself at the same time works wonders for the soul.

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Rachel said...

Hey bro... can I come weat with you sometime? without the spices! Daisy looks so much more aware and awake than Wednesday... hope both the girls are doing well today. Send them our love. Will try to call later tonight - afte half 9! xoxo