Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thats it...

So, kit sorted, and im packing the rest of the stuff up.

In terms of the bike...i have a total weight of 15.1 kg. The bike itself weighs 12kg so i have 3.1kg of kit on it. That is including everything i am taking except water.

My wingnut weighs 1.95 kg. Again, thats inclusive except water. So that puts my kit total for the trip at 5.05kg, or 11.1 lb. Pretty good, i think, and it is noticeable when i am riding that the bike is lighter. It is easy to pick up and carry, which is good.

I only got 20 mins riding today as i have a million and one things to sort out, so i need to get a little more time in to brake (!) the rotors in, then its tear down and shove it in the trico.


Nick said...

And there was me marvelling at a 1kilo tent to replace my old one! Still, it was only a couple hundred grams more than a bivi, with more space for my ageing, creaking bones.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it your Picos camp-anion has kit to put yours to shame. Prepare to be amazed...

Nick said...

OK so what do you get in your kit for 11.1 lb? Are you including weight of fuel?

My carrying is 15 lbs* which is tedious on your back after 70 miles. 15lbs doesn't include tent (900g, frame mounted, weighs less than a full water bottle or a bivvy/tarp combo), 1 litre of water in backpack, or food (pastsa, kids portion of Dolmio sauce, porridge, nuts/raisins). If it don't fit into the (25 litre capacity) KIMM sac it aint going - I can't understand these folk with 30 litre bags or so much external mesh that they might as well have 30 litres.

I suspect that it's the little shit that is drilled into you as compulsory at events like Polaris that adds up:

- Torch. In my case a maglite (double AA) . Never used. When it's dark you're in the tent tryig to sleep, no? I'll stick with the emergency LEDs on the bike in future, or at least downsize to mini-maglite (single AAA).

- Compass. I've never used this except when walking. In fog. I'd rather trust my innate sense of 'knowing where I am' internal homing pigeon/GPS.

- Whistle. Never used.

- Survival bag. Never used. FFS I've got a tent!

- First aid kit. Never used. Not least on me at any rate.

That's not gonna save me more than a pound though.

* according to WII fit.