Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bike prepped.

One of the things i wanted to do prior to heading to the picos was fit new disc rotors. The shimano rotors seem to have a better feel than the avid stock rotors, I wanted to use a rotor with an alloy carrier so it is stiffer, and less likely to bend, and also as it doesnt have the slightly annoying rotational play that the avid 6 bolt to center lock adapter allows.

I got hold of a shiamno xt RT79 rotors - 180 front, 160 rear. Unfortunately, the rear alloy carrier interfered with the disc caliper. The front was ok due to the greater diameter. Chipps had mentioned this might happen, so i wasnt too surprised and instead fitted an SLX RT64 which has a smaller alloy carrier but a similar steel disc. All done and the end mill didnt need to be utilised as the rotors sit slightly more out from the flange, thus making adjustment of the brake easier.

All good.

Next up will be replacing the rotors on the tIF with the same rear and probably a new XT RT76 6 bolt rotor when they come into stock.

The tIF got an ardent fitted on the front (thanks andy!) and this tyre belies its unmounted size with a pretty beefy volume. Hopefully this will be the tyre for shenandoah...more once its ridden.

Now, time to pack stuff up and work out a layering system for the picos...i think i may have to take something primaloft - mainly to bolster the sleeping bags warmth over night...


dave (chops optional) said...

You've got XTR (970/975 series) rotors there rather than XT. XT are fine, whereas the XTRs have a larger spider which on smaller rotor options gives the pad interference issues with Juicy/BB7 pads.
Also fine are the older 960/965 series XTR rotors which I've got spares of if you want one?

Could have saved yourself some bother if you'd asked your fiendish local bike shop ;-)

dRjON said...

hmmm! thought the xtr had a bigger carrier, sort o' hollowed out? i thought that might interfere even in 180 size?

anyways, i shall be in shortly in order to get the other bike sorted with rotors.... and hopefully avoid the last minute faffing :-)~

(not that i enjoy faffing with bikes, not at all....)