Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random stuff.

Definitely chilled now. 14 hours sleep yesterday. It seems about right too, not too much. Whomever said you can over sleep was wrong.

Nahbs stuff this year has upped the ante yet again. The Naked townie/track, the Potts, the Vanilla's (as ever...) the Black Sheep stuff...all amazing. A good long flickr search is recommended as is the coverage on Cycling News and Rouleur, and Urban Velo.

Marty Savalas joins the blogging fray, or is that flay, with Hell on Wheels. Check it.

Got some maps for some mtb'ing in the region but i may stick to urban riding, as the river is a great spring board for checking out the architecture, mixed as it is between the Moorish influence and the old style Spanish.

So, batteries recharging. SM100 entered. A more Settled plan on the camp bike build...all good.

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