Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The rain isn't in Spain.

Its beautiful here. Sunny and warm during the day, cool and balmy during the evening and night. Trina and me did a bit of a food shop today, as the oily tapa has been taking a toll. Still, we have eaten an enormous range of fish, pork cuts and peppers...all washed down with the local vino tinto and cerveza.

The apartment is great, a good location and quiet and comfortable, even when we had trina's bro and beau here for a few days. I built the bikes today and spent an hour or so pedalling along the river, and fettling. The graffiti along the river is outstanding. I'll get herself to snap some shots ...there is one piece in particular i want a shot'll see why.

Sherry so far has been ok-ish i s'pose. We arsed up a little and bought a cream sherry, then found out that cream sherry is sweetened olorosso....not bad, but much to learn.

We visited a carnival in Cadiz, Jerez, and are planning a trip to a wildlife sanctuary, but mostly chilling, missing the cat and getting excited about building the camp bike.

Ok for now....

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Simon said...

Sounds great Jon :)