Saturday, September 08, 2007

SSWC - rock n' roll circus

Its done.

A huge thank you to one and all.

I think it rocked.

Napa 2008. Go Curtis!


manchester trev said...

fantastic event, you, chris, and marty and everyone else made it a really enjoyable weekend, amazing course! roll on napa. how did you get on with the cross dvd's? and what are the chances of getting a telly savalas hat..........

iconoclaSSt said...

drJon, I know I speak for a few of us yanks who managed to make it over for the event when I say it exceeded our a good way.

Fantastic course full of pretty much everything you could want and the locals are a super-cool group. We had a blast and want to thank you and your friends for all the hard work you did in putting (and keeping) this together. Well done!

See you in Napa next year. Cheers!