Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Changes everything

I received the long awaited ti moots/ti open face plate stem through the post today. Perfecto....120mm length, 12 degree rise.

This is the result of falling out with my x4 stem, and being keen for a little more rise.

Its a nice piece of work, and complements the bike well. Of course the proof will be in the riding...which will be soon. I may remove 2mm spacer from under the stem, i may not.

The second pic is how the bike looks now. Since i first built it, the xtr bb is phil wood, changed out the moots for a kent eriksen post, removed some stickers, and went to the DT thru axle RWS system.

The latter rocks. Hard. The steering is so precise, whilst losing none of the suppleness of the pace fork, and the rear end feels like its 2" further towards me. Hard to believe it can all make so much difference.

Done? Probably. I can see some 35mm wide rims at some point in the future, maybe. We'll see. I'll have ago on Look's quartz pedals when they arrive too. Then i think its there...

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Anonymous said...

What kind of spacers are those?