Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Testing testing

Got a shakedown ride in on the ro sham bo the other day. Trying to taper well, despite the scorn poured on me by chris duncan of endura at the carron valley trails opening on sunday, so didnt hit the trails too hard. Took some advice from dave of alpinebikes. Mugdock was all bluebells and dust. Sinewy singletrack and roots. Sweet.

My only hydration was a can of IPA over the 3 hrs of riding. Lots of creaks and groans from me and the bike, but we both held fast. Next stop: Finale.

Just in case: Holly and Buck are having a wee Buck...Meanwhile Buck Sr is on a rip, with 2nd at Michaux and more to come i have no doubt.

OK. Play nice while im away.

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Nick said...

How did you do fella? Google is not finding me any results.