Sunday, May 13, 2007

Packet rage

Forget raging against the machine, what about food packaging? Not the volume of the stuff, not the incessant double bagging, its the impenetrableness of the bloody stuff that does my head in.

Today, i was cheerfully chopping a few tomatillos, garlic and onion for a salsa verde. Came time to add cilantro and i COULDNT GET IN TO THE DAMN PACKET.

Its not as if this is an isolated issue. Surveys in the uk have shown 71% of adults over 50 have injured themselves getting into groceries. Now its easy to laugh initially, but if you think about it, i reckon you can identify a time it has happened to you.

For example, i opened a packet for a sony memory stick today. But not easily. I had to use significant force on a pair of scissors, a recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

(and deep breath)

So what else?

Took a tumble from the town bike today. Fortunately not in heavy traffic so i didnt get squished. I was sort of supporting/watching trina run her 1st 10k of the season. She did grand.

Minor bumps and scrapes and a wee bit of whiplash, so i should still be fine for finale, which is creeping ever closer. We now have an italian phrasebook, capisce? So we should be able to communicate the need for wine, or a bed. All good.

Ok, off to practice ripping cardboard and plastic...


chris said...

use your teeth...

wolfy said...

That looks easy. Do they have Costco where you live?

Come on over and give their heatsealed Ultraubermega high density poly ethylene a try!


Dan said...

I'll find you some safety scissors although I do wonder what is safe about them ... maybe they are blunt which will leave you back at the start of the problem.

or just find a responsible adult to help you ;-)

Nick said...

It's coriander ;)

mel said...

Yay Jack Sparrow!
No. 3 film out next Thurs...can't wait...