Monday, May 28, 2007

Got any tobacco?

So, a long overdue film revue.

First, Brian Vernor and Willie K.Bullion's personal look at a season of cyclocross - Pure Sweet Hell. Narrated in part by Mike Ferrentino, and Rick Hunter this film is a beautiful expose of the rigours and passion of cyclocross. Obviously close to the heart of those who made the film, some of the footage is 'local' USA racing but some is international. The footage, shot on super 8, makes for gritty and therefore realistic viewing. Highly recommended.

I had the fortune to bump into Brian Vernor in santa cruz, and i have no doubt we will be hearing more from him soon, not least in the santa cruz bicycles film, We Just Work Here.

Next, A Thin White Line ~ a film following the Iditasport 130, extreme and impossible race in 2001. The latter, a 1100 mile sufferfest from Knik lake to Nome in Alaska, is well documented in the mainstream and adventure sports press as one of the most challenging races a bike rider can face. Not only is the distance and terrain a substantial test, the logistics of clothing, living and food are a major issue. The film is narrated by a softly spoken and knowledgeable commentator and the footage is fascinating and beautiful. Well worth viewing.

Lastly, the Jim Jarmusch feature Dead Man. Following Coffee and Cigarettes, and Ghost dog: the way of the samurai, Trina and myself have been looking forward to seeing anything else he has been involved with. Dead Man is the story of an accountant (johnny depp) who spirals away from his previous life after committing to a new job in the dead end western town of Machine, and becomming involved with a murder. After meeting a native american (Nobody) played by gary farmer and a host of other ingeniously cast, if unlikely characters, the film rolls along with seemingly little direction but a deep resonance and an emotionally unsettling ending. It is hard to draw any one conclusion from the film other than jim jarmusch is real talent.

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Francis said...

Check out "Night on Earth" which has my favorite Roberto Benigni sketch. We (Jimbo, Harry and I) entertain ourselves at the 101 every year by trying to get "I can tell by your outfit, that you are a cowboy" (an excellent song with the added benefit of a thick italian accent) stuck in each others heads for the entire race. It makes aid stations and climbs much more fun.