Monday, May 07, 2007

Technicol mumbo jumbo.

Swapped back to the Pace forks for the IF and have a set being sent for the ro sham bo. I finally decided that i just couldnt deal with a v brake on the front for 24 hours. It takes too much forearm pump to control speed on any decent size descent and it also comes on later than with a well set up disc. It should be an easy swap for the ro sham bo, but why take the black sheep ti off the IF?

Well, it seems that while i was riding the Pace on it i got quite into the higher trail and 'slower' steering. After riding the ti fork for a while i found it too twitchy...strange, given all the rambling crap about 'slow 29ers' you hear.

In addition, one of my favourite feelings on the IF is how well it carves, and it had lost some of this with the ti fork. Odd, i mean, its such a small difference but so noticeable. I will definitely miss the comfort of the ti fork. It is incredible in that regard.

Maybe i should go the whole hog and get a lefty equiped tIF like Harlan Price's new beast...(pic pinched from Network - check the rest of his images too) and here...(photo by phantomrider - more great shots).

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