Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There goes my hero

We all have a hero, more or less. At least i think we do. In different parts of our life i would think they could be different people too...Gandhi, dave grohl, Einstein, swamp thing etc etc.

In terms of bike racing my hero has to be travis brown.

Music collector, singlespeed racer, side burn grower, product developer and renaissance man.


weasel said...

only dave has grown sideburns that came close to master browns

dave said...

Eh - is there some news about the air brakes pioneer that I've missed?

Francis said...

What, Wes the Conqueror lining up next to him isn't worthy of hero status? I'll tell him you said so at the next W101.

dRjON said...

wow! i didnt recognise him without flip flops!

Mick said...

So does this mean you'll be a 29er owner who actually approves of Alison's new Carver 96er? (had to find a home for the Phil Wood hubs from Sweden)

Manchester Trev said...

absolute legend, and super nice when i spoke with him about his sweet pink 69er (should be 96er) at penn state 05, wonder if he will be in scotland come spetember............and he is on shaggy's new bike!

shaggy said...

...and he's a nice chap!

have you seen his nomination at http://www.mtnbikehalloffame.com/nominees.cfm?page=99&mID=156

steve said...

At 02 he was riding up stuff that I was struggling to ride down, and carrying a big medical kit on his bag to help the downed rider that you were watching over Jon

"hello Travis" says I

"hello, hows your race going dude ?" says he

"not too bad" says I "how was your race ?"

"not too bad either, I won" says he

"okay see you in the bar" says I

"yup, see you later and enjoy yourself" says he

a real good guy and nice with it