Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sanity Cruz

Welp. Got here, and having a quiet few days on account of being a bit stiff around he middle with the burns healing...but managed a wee pedal out on to the cliff top road with fine views of the wharf, the elephant seals, and the surfers who look kind of like seals dotted around the break...all good.

Found a good coffee spot, 2 good beer spots, some very interesting and lovely local folk, popped into the Santa Cruz factory and met a legend or 2 and today we are heading out to one of the nearer local parks.

I'm stocking up on americana bike parts...king cages, wtb 29er tyres, phil lubes and other oddities and just enjoying the time with my wife.

The rest and sea air seems to be doing the trick with the skin, and the constant lubing is keeping it from cracking so i have no doubt i'll get a proper ride in or 2 before the end of the fortnight.

The SSWC 07 announcement went down with the expected flurry of e mails and 'yays' so we're pretty stoked about that. Now a different sort of work will commence.

Trina is beginning to snap off some photos, with a new lens coming from B+H which should add a new dimension too, see her flickr linked through mine.

My Eriksen seat pin is en route, and oddly i am *just* going to miss Kent as he will be at the NAHBS which i'd love to see, but its just too close to the end of this trip...ach well, will wait for the photos...

Ok. we'd better hit highway 1 ...

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