Thursday, January 18, 2007


Over the last couple of years one of my distractions has been trying solo 24 hour races. They are as tough as you want them to be. You can go to bed, you can race in the daylight and dry only. Or you can tough it out to the level of your own pricipals.

A successful solo 24 hour *to me* is 24 + hours of racing, with no more than 30 min stopping, no sleeping, minimal sitting (yep) and ideally no support.

This is not a recipe for winning. It is not a recipe for everyone. However, it is what i aim for. Obviously as the last couple of years has shown, rain and foul conditions couped with none weatherproof courses (are there any other kind?) can easily scupper this paradigm.

At some point in my life (and that may well be this year, in Italy) i hope to squeeze out a decent performance. If i do, then i'm not sure i will rush to do many more. On the whole i prefer long rides which aren't many laps of a course i.e 100 mile races, and then moving to self supported bigger loops.

I am very much looking forward to watching this (if you don't have quicktime, try another). The battle between Gordon and Eatough was one i followed in real time via the internet and on the web and magazines after. Humbling, exhilarating and almost unbelievable physical performances by both men.


Anonymous said...

Was it you in the white disposable oversuit at the Strathpuffer?

If so, how good was it at keeping the wet out? (All my expensive waterproofs weren't)

BTW commiserations on the scalding.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you you look a bit like John Stamstad? Not that you sound like him of course.

dRjON said...

yes, i was in white overalls. but they are thick cotton. they weighed around 7/8ths of a ton once i had done one lap...still....stamstad? i am flattered by any association...

Nick said...

If it's dry either Mayhem or the twentyFour 12 course is ideal for doing the sort of solo you want.

If it's wet then nowhere is.