Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Visited Tim and crew at Sideways this week end. Ordered the tIF. Blueprint at some point. Tim as ever a bastion of sensible advice in a world of super shiny bike exotica, where it is so easy to be blinded...

More soon.



Anonymous said...

pff... titanium is so cold war. What you need is some carbon fibre... its the coolest thing for the next 5 mins.

And you can fix up any cracks with stuff from halfords and a lightbulb : )

Comes in (Very) dark gray?


Anonymous said...

Oh and on a completely unrelated thread check oot http://kevinwilliamson.blogspot.com/

Remember Rebel Inc and when Irvine Welsh had something worth reading?

If you ignore the fitba pish its a goodie.

Nick said...

You are weak and he has you in his power now.