Monday, March 06, 2006


Its been a tough old week. Work has been stressful, which has left me a little frayed. I have also needed to recover from the 2 longer/tougher rides I managed to finally get in. So, when i went out today, i decided to have 'fun' and just ride the route i wanted as quickly as i wanted, and not watch the clock. What i wasn't expecting was 2-3 inches of snow at my chosen destination. Fortunately, and for the first time ever i might add, the snow was pretty consolidated. This meant not only could you ride but the traction was actually pretty good. In addition, the snow had packed down into the braking bumps, leaving the trail significantly more rideable. A good thing, as the snow did tend to 'shear' when pushing it through corners. Couple of comedy both-wheel slides there then.

3 hours, moderate climbing and the legs felt strong, like there was actually some strength there. At last...The climbing was almost like resistance training as the snow added to the effort required. All worth it as the hills looked beautiful and clean under the sun and wrapped in a gown of white.

The other interesting aspect was the effect the snow had on making the trails seem unfamiliar...Which was good.

Point yer keyboards towards the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Truly gorgeous work from all concerned. The following links are lifted from mtbr, and the pic comes from one of those sites (ta!).

and of course:

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