Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Training log: stardate 1:3:06 point 11

So, I managed to go out for a ride. Drumlanrig Castle grounds. Aim: 4 laps of red route. Well, I have done it before, its mostly swoopy, technical singletrack through trees - right up my street - but not too much climbing. I figured this was do-able. Around 80km I think.

However: stomach cramps; weak legs; a bonk; stopping every now and again to tighten things I replaced the other day; all led to 2.5 laps.

This sounds a trifle poor doesn't it? But, the red route has been extended with several 'eight ball' sections of more 'extreme' riding. Mostly harsh cornering short steeps, inbetween trees. Up and down. All good, but time consuming and definitely a 'grunt' of effort rather than spinning smoothly for a distance. So I'm not too disappointed.

Mostly, it was interesting. I have *no* glycogen stores in my muscles. Its incredible. I have to eat constantly to keep riding anywhere from an inch over 10km, otherwise I bonk. I have very little absolute power. No muscling up climbs, or forcing through bad line choices. All very interesting. I also have very little ability to deal with the cold. It was hovering around freezing point today, and I needed ear warmer, 2 thick wool tops and a gilet, and wool socks. If I had had my druthers, I would also have been wearing my foot covers. In the past I have never worn more than a thin + a thick wool top and gilet. Sounds trivial but it is a real difference.

So what am I getting at? welp: there is a long way to go until fitness. I'm not sure whether it is my usual let-things-slide over Christmas habit, or my continued downtime due to holiday, or mental attitude. Needless to say, I need to turn it around soon.

Otherwise: the bike worked sweet, as ever. The tyre swap to 2.1" rubber afforded a considerable increase in safety margins for hitting rocks. The turning is slower, but I'm adapting rapidly. I am also into my second season on a Selle San Marco saddle. Apart from a tendency to catch the crotch of the cycling shorts in 'off the back' situations, it is very comfortable and durable. The lorica covers combined with the tubular ti rails is a winner.

Ok: off to bed early. I'm pretty wiped out...But ill leave with one last comment. Anejo tequila is aged for around 2-3 years, when compared with reposado at 1 year and gold and silver / months and 'not' respectively. 100% agave is the concentration of blue agave succulent plant (they are very beautiful: we drove past a crop-field in Mexico) as opposed to the combo of fructose/cane sugar syrup and agave in mezcal.

Ok for now.


Marty said...

it's all about miles in legs at this time of the year. did i mention you should get a road bike? possibly even a HRM? worth a look at for logging stuff, i've got quite competitive about getting up the monthly leaderboard, plus summary stats useful too.

1 w/c 20-Feb-2006 142.59
2 w/c 23-Jan-2006 121.50
3 w/c 09-Jan-2006 96.60
4 w/c 30-Jan-2006 89.75
5 w/c 13-Feb-2006 85.11
6 w/c 16-Jan-2006 84.90
7 w/c 06-Feb-2006 84.37
8 w/c 27-Feb-2006 56.64
9 w/c 02-Jan-2006 11.25

steve said...

eerily familiar is this, on my own I'm able to ride for a good 60/70 miles, soon as in a group, no power, no lungs, no leg strength, no mental strength

I wondering if I'm over tired, being lazy (most likely), just plain old past it,

reality is that I'm struggling with my motivation more this year than ever, the weather is mostly shite when I can ride but glorious when I cant, the choice this year was to train in the week and enjoy fun rides at the weekend, might have to rethink this one ?

dRjON said...

motivation *is* so tough when weather shitty...road bike? welp, the seven will be reborn soon...
ps: steve, great to see you on saturday....sorry state sunday am, despite 18" of subway!

steve said...

thats was impressive, 18 whole inches

and yes I had a grand time too, proper thick head in the morning with the whisky :)