Monday, April 03, 2006

Baggy pants

So: I am a little further into the IF ordering process. So far, I have a blueprint showing the salient dimensions. I have made a few queries and based on those a couple of things will be changed. All this is made a lot less stressful as it is not dissimilar to the Seven ordering process.

At first it is quite easy to be over awed by the ordering/fit process. Especially as it can be difficult to process the results and predict the ride. For the most part you simply try to understand what the different parameters are (such as the importance of trail and front centre etc) and then have faith in the builder.

For me one of tamest interesting aspects so far is the fact that no matter how you look at it, the trail on my Kelly is long when compare to what would be traditionally seen as a agile trail figure for a 26" wheel bike. We are talking 80 mm or so.

There are precedents to this: Mike Curiak always claims superb singletrack manners on his bike which invariably have 80-90 mm of trail. You would be forgiven for thinking this a little counter intuitive: a road bike has a trail figure of 40-50 mm; so why would a much longer heavier front steer fast? Maybe it is because of lean angles or some such. When I am finally able to understand the chapter on steering dynamics in Bicycling Science, I'll let you know.

Suffice to say, it's going to interesting as we proceed. Updates to follow.

Decals and paint? You know me: grey, grey grey. What about some headset colour I hear you cry?

We'll see...

I also have managed to not post about the trip to Eastbourne to see the crew in the South. Needless to say: excellent company; North Downs riding is truly high class; the riding out of Biff's back door is a smidgeon less good; Jo and Jenn on top form and he still has the nicest calves; also great to meet the Diproses.

I will have some photos at some point, when I can master the technology...

Links for steering geometry discussion:


Alex said...

Yep, the thread with MC and DFL talking about geometry was great....what many forums need more of :)

So you're going for grey? Seems the new colour of choice with custom customers!


Nick said...

OK, you can go grey, but only if it's not matt. That really is truly horrible.

dRjON said...

i have no choice. cant afford paint %)