Saturday, August 06, 2011

Gears on a singlespeed.

So the pinkster has vertical dropouts, no hanger and an ebb. Its a great bike to ride loaded, it should be! it was designed and built with input from some of the best brains i know - Tim at Sideways, the guys at Independent Fabrication and, well, me :-)~

Although touring on dirt/off/roads is pure and simple on a singlespeed - and makes sense! (are you in a rush? do you want to have fewer mechanical issues? ) - occasional use of gears is something i have become pretty interested in.

Enter the frankenmech.

Saint M800 thru axle mount on a 10mm DT swiss rws. It has an 11 tooth upper jockey and 13 tooth lower on a short cage (just cos...) and i will replace the b tension bolt for a longer version as i will be using it initially with a 6 speed 17-34 block. The arc the mech needs to take to clear this is much more severe than if you use a deeper/more cog block It is not impossible i'll need to space it out from the frame. We'll see....

More once it is mounted and working.

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