Friday, August 19, 2011

A day off.

I took a day off work today. Kinda needed some chill time and trina's maternity leave is coming to an end, so we thought we'd take the opportunity (with Daisy kindly being looked after by her grandparents) to go out for dinner.

But what to do during the day? The last few months have left me with a long list of things i needed to do, but were not critical. This was the day.

Mostly this revolved around getting the bikes running better. You guessed, right?

1) Replace gold bolts on crank for The Maul with red ones. Swap 34 tooth ring for 35 tooth one.

2) Clean and replace oil in wiper seals on Fox forks.

3) Replace chain guide and crank on BA.

4) File down the TALAS knob on the Fox fork on BA. The lever, if the fork is in short travel setting hits the down tube as i discovered the other day. You *know* one day you will forget about this, crash and thwack either the lever off or leave a dent in the down tube. Best do it now.

5) Adjust the thru axle so the bite point is in a better place.

6) Strip EBB from Jones and clean it, re-grease and...

...use light Loctite on the thread of the wedges in the mechanism and replace in bike. I've been having to re-tighten the EBB every 4-5 hours of riding which seems like too frequently...after a chat with the guys at Bushnell, we'll see how this goes.

7) Flip Jones bars then re-fit brake levers etc. Re-flip as it clearly wasn't right.

8) Check alignment of TS-2 wheel jig.

9) Carefully strip down the Bontrager Duster rim from a Paul whub and rebuild wheel with a Stan's Flow. Always be careful as Stan's underestimate the ERD of the rims by at least one mm if not two.

Love building wheels...

10) Change tyres over to winter tyres. Its a sign of the times.

11) Replace the block on the road bike (105 now ultegra) and fit RWS skewers to finish off the wheels. Sweet as.

All in all, a productive day.

Also, i got to take Daisy for her first ride in the Burley the other day.....that needs it's own post though...


martysavalas said...

Please don't stop spending money on bikes. The global economy would likely fold completely.

cy@cotic said...

How come you ditched the Duster for Flow? Similar weights, no? Duster has proper tubeless? Interested. All my Bonty rims are dying, but never been too sure of Stans.

dRjON said...

the bontis are great tubeless, but i dont run tubeless no the rim strip makes it very difficult to remove/put on tyres - if you dont use the rim strip, the tape migrates (at least for me) even if its sticky stuff, and i end up getting nipple hole punctures....i think its due to the offset/asymmetrical shape of the rim.
in addition, because i mostly use hubs that dont need any dish, the offset drilling is unnecessary...
The flows are good. they are quite soft seeming - i dent them not infrequently but otherwise they are solid and build well and the flows will take a wee bitty more spoke tension than the other stan's rims, so it all works out...