Monday, August 22, 2011

Daisy's Burley.

It became clear a few weeks ago that we were going to have to get Daisy mobile without the use of petroleum. She loves seeing the trees move in the wind and feeling the air as it rushes by. So i did a bit of reading, a bit of asking around and came to the conclusion that baby trailers and seats *both* have their place.

A good friend of mine had a Burley trailer that he had been on many an adventure with his sons and after he accepted way too little cash for it, and another good friend went way out of his way to deliver it, Daisy got her first wheels.

Burley trailers are ingenious. They are big and, well, burley but they fold down and are extremely user friendly. After attaching it to the bike, we took off for a trial run. Daisy is quite wee for the harness as is. More good advice from a good friend and Burley user was to pack her in with pillows and cushions. We have also ordered a snuggle seat that will hopefully help.

At first it was all smiles, but without padding things got quite sideways and admittedly there were some tears and snotters.

In addition, Daisy will be helping out on the neighbours school run. Or maybe that would be hindering, we'll see! but now, she also has a rack-seat...again, at first it was all smiles...and i'm sure once she is used to it - and the helmet! - it will all be good. But the first run did lead to some tears...and snotters!....

It's all good.


miketually said...

Top tip for the rack seat: rig up some way of fastening the back of the helmet to the back of the seat for when she falls asleep in the seat.

GrumpyOne said...

You may want to add/buy a Burley 2-in-1 cover if it didn't come with one. I rock kicked up by a MTB tire isn't fun for the little one.