Saturday, July 16, 2011


Back in 2006 i worked for Michael Mann as a Manliness Consultant. For the most part, i spent my days getting Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell ship-shape for Miami Vice. It would be fair to say that once filming for the day was over we enjoyed the odd drink or two. It was during this time that i developed my taste for Mojitos.

(Here, Colin is practising his 'determined and manly' look, essential in several scenes.)

'Course, you have to be careful not to get any errant sprigs of mint caught in your luxuriant moustache, but thats all part of being a man, right?

So how does one make a good Mojito?

First, take a highball glass and with the back of a spoon gently crush a few mint leaves with about a tablespoon of fine Caribbean sugar. You dont want pulp, just to brake the membrane of the mint leaves to release the oils.

Stir in 1 and a half tablespoons of fresh lime juice, a good slug of white or golden rhum and dissolve the sugar. Add ice cubes so the glass is half full, and then fill up with club soda.



Raouligan said...

Muddle the mint and the lime together and you release the oils from the lime as well as just the juice for extra zing

Nick said...

Dissolve the sugar in lime juice overnight then it's smooooth.

Caution. A bottle of rum disappears damn quick when making mojitos.