Friday, March 04, 2011

Mode converter.

So i spent a bit of time trying to get the shifting sorted on my bike.....

Seems i should have fitted the mode converter....Damn! I think i left it by the flux capacitor at home. Maybe.


Johnny Hall said...

I'm running the Saint - it worked fine on my previous bike and I've just moved all the gears over onto the Crisp.

Now it skips on the 11T cog - I thought it was because the lockring was for a 12 but changing it has made no difference.

I don't think I need the mode converter do I? I'm running 11-34 with a 36T ring. Short cage mech.

The mode converter is necessary for double ring action, isn't it?

dRjON said...

you can get away without it but need to use a ton of b tension adjustment it seems....ive had the wee converter back in and its smoother - same set up otherwise as you (36 - 11-34)

what chainline are you using? middle position on a HT2 crank right?