Friday, March 04, 2011


It's been cool to have a little time to sit and follow some of the media and internet coverage of the NAHBS. Particularly because i helped put together a photo essay for Singletrackworld and i wanted to see what i might have missed! It was my first visit and i was particularly lucky to spend some time not only walking the halls, taking in all the amazing work, but talking with one of the most exciting and forward thinking builders at the show.

It made me smile every time someone popped by Sean's booth and had to double take when they noticed the internal hydro routing on his own 29er.

Usually by that time they had commented on how cleanly he had integrated Ti Cycles/Dave Levy's concept of the conical-split seat stay into a belt driven cross bike.

Or the super-utility/belt driven ti commuter with ti racks and integrated rear light and lock holder.

You could imply that i am a biased customer, but the steady stream of builders commenting positively would suggest i'm not alone in thinking that my last bike (and my next!) are being built by a bright and rising star. You may not think a custom/ti commuter is sensible, but the features on these bikes are statements of ability and possibility. A T shirt i spotted at NAHBS had a slogan along the lines of 'do you know your bike's builder?'. Not only is this a motto for the show, but it is also excellent advice if you are looking to have a custom bike made. Once you have established roughly what you want, and which builders could potentially take on the project, the next step is to somehow conjoin a builder's philosophy, skills and personality with your vision and then you are good to go.

Anyway, enough proselytizing!

I get quite a lot of questions from readers about my bike and i'm going to link some video and website footage here so that the middleman can be cut out...enjoy!

First: Cycling News' James Huang.

Second: Velonews' article.

Third: MTBR's article, who also posted a video-interview with main man Francis Cebedo.

I'm sure i'll be waffling on a bit more about the show over coming weeks.

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miketually said...

I'd clocked the lock holder, but hadn't spotted that it was on an integrated rack. Super-neat.