Wednesday, March 30, 2011

B.A update.

So i have a year onboard with B.A and it's been all good. He even got sedated and flown out to NAHBS this year. Many trails under tyre and lots of smiles and heart in mouth moments. Awesome!

The time came for some upgrades. The 6 speed was really useful, but the funny thing was, it showed me more i decided to go for 9 speeds. The DT 440 rear 150mm hub is pretty much dishless, and with DT comps and the edge am rim, its going to be bomber. Swapped to an Ethirteen xcx guide, which is stiffer than the mrp, but this is also going to be pulled in favour of an LG1+ running the back plate and the upper guide only initially. I've noticed the bb cups loosen occasionally and i reckon its the guide getting bashed and rotating a little. 36 tooth ring, with 11-34 on the rear.

The Saints are amazing brakes, but i've been spoiled by xtr M988, so on they went (replacing the lever clamp bolts with ti, and using SM 76 rotors and xtr post mount adaptors. All good. Last but not least the steerer is shortened and the stem dropped 5mm: I'm running less sag than i was initially with the terralogic on the Fox. It's all working out.

Next on the list is Conti Rubber Queens when they finally get released and i'm still humming and haaing about a dropper post. We'll see. Here's to the next year on B.A.


davechopoptions said...

A year?



You're due another then - fair enough.

davechopoptions said...

Oh and the RQ's are still due end of April.

Anonymous said...

What's happening with the new vertigo racebike?

Sanny said...

Just get a post. You won't regret it. I love my Gravity Dropper. Simple mechanical design that is easy to service. The Reverb looks nice but I tend to stick with tried and tested.