Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mini me.

Mini tools, eh? Usually total cheese. Bent-wire-formed allen bits that dont have good tolerances. Often bulky, or fragile, or awkward they need to work on the odd occasion they are required and if they dont you will often have a long walk out.

So: i did a lot of looking, digging for info and scouring the internet and picked up two minitools that - after first inspection - i am happy to try for awhile.

The key points here are they are small, solidly made, have good tolerances on the tool bits, have most of what you need and nothing you dont. Mainly though, the bits have a square cross section where they interface, allowing much less independent flex and movement, increasing accuracy, feel and torque. Its possible the Soma Lo Pro 8 may not be able to generate enough torque for some uses, but we'll see. I do have a 8mm adaptor that fits on a 6mm allen head that will fill in the obvious gap (that the new Genuine Innovations flat stack II will have i believe)

More as time goes by...


Shaggy said...

Do you not carry a chain tool? I've got a very similar tool with the addition of a chain tool. Less than £3 on Wiggle. I like them.

dRjON said...

i tend to carry that park fold up one as it gets through shimano chains pretty easily..and ive had some bad experiences with other mini chain tools....will have a look at wiggly one and maybe do a full comparo :-)~