Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Last night we went to the Glasgow gala premier of Find, a new film by Mark Huskisson on Reset films. It was really very good. To tell the truth, i'm not really into bike related films. They are fine, but often lack insight into the personalities (unless of course the subjects dont *have* personalities!). Find is insightful. It helps that a lot of the scenery is stunning - from the Basque Country to the Scottish Highlands and the people filmed are some of the more interesting and colourful in the industry: Hans Rey, Danny Mac, Peaty, Rowan Sorrel and Rob Lee. My wife (who isnt a bike nut) and myself (i am) both found ourselves laughing out loud and enjoying the stunning imagery.

Find is a step up from Home, Reset's first proper mtb film, which was itself very good. The scope, scenery, sound, editing and overall feel are all superb. I would really recommend getting hold of a copy.

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