Monday, June 15, 2009

Just sitting...

Woke up this morning feeling a little weird. A bit sweaty, heart rate a bit fast. Really tired. I'd wanted to go for a ride, but i think the sensible thing to do is sit tight, and hydrate. It also means i a) avoid the torrential rain we seem to be in for, and b) get time to write up some thoughts about some kit i'm using and the trip to the Picos we did.

The last week has seen a fair bit of bike admin. The pinkster got pretty wet before being packed up for return from the Picos, so i needed to redo the rear brake cable routing and clean the steerer ( i could see some rust when i took the bars off).

It also gave me a chance to inspect the fosketset. This is my 'tuned' king headset, that has seen quite a few loaded bike rides since it was fitted and i was curious to see fi there would be any signs of unusual wear and tear on the bearings, steerer or compression ring.

Nope. None. Rock solid.

A bit of a rub down with grey scothbrite pad and rust-be-gone.

The other thing was to mess about with the cable routing. The pinkster, in order to use seat stay mounted rack mounts runs the brake cable down the underside of the stay prior to it routing into the calliper. The issue was the angle with which it entered the bb7 unit - it added a lot of friction. So, i bent up some steel conduit and shortened the cable, dripped some triflow down there and now it is smoooooth. Yeah, its probably a bit boring, but i do like to take care of the details...

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