Sunday, June 14, 2009

Andy Cathcart memorial ride.

Drumlanrig. A bunch of people connected by one thing - calling Andy a friend. We rode in a bunch around the forest. We rode roots, rocks and put our backs into it when we climbed. The sun shone, the rain poured and the smiles and effort made it a special day.

Photos are on the flickr group. Apologies for the blur. I think my wee camera was a little underpowered for the lower light areas in the trees.


Neil W said...

I was sorry to miss Andy’s memorial ride yesterday but was thinking of him while racing downhill at Dunkeld. The track was super steep and technical in the dry - and then it rained ..... Andy would have loved it.

John said...

This was a superb day out and did justice to Andy. I was hugely grateful for the turn out and the effort people made in both getting there and helping everyone enjoy the a very special day.

The rumbling of thunder and Hollywood prop rain only seemed to contribute to the capers and provided some comedy sliding off into the bushes (even on tarmac !!!!)

The list of thanks is endless but here's a few that spring to mind:

Thanks to Jim, Susan and Rona for coming along and representing the cathcart spirit and for spending time with some of Andy's best riding friends.

Thanks to Rona for giving it 110% and showing that Andy's teachings haven't been forgotten. Andy would have been proud of you.

Thanks to those who were virgins of the trails for dipping their toe in then realising just how wonderful the water is. I'm sure you'll all be back for more !!

Thanks to the more experienced riders for helping out the newbies. Your help was appreciated and reminded me why I love this sport, because of the people.

Thanks to Dr Jon for taking the photo's, posting the photo's and writing up the blog, the Dennis Waterman of the mountain bike scene. Also for showing us just how big your front tire can be.

Thanks to Chris and Ewan for showing blood after your disagreements with the roots. Grrrrr

Thanks to Stuart for the one and only puncture of the day and for having it within the first 20 yds.

Thanks to Kirsty for the inspiration to do this again as an annual event and I hope you can all make it again.

Thanks to you all.

I'd like to gather everyone's contact details for the next event so email me at johnparker.x at


Rona said...

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who rode in Andy’s memory at Drumlanrig on Sunday – and to everyone who couldn’t make it but were there in spirit. I think Andy would have enjoyed the day enormously – especially when the rain came down and the trails turned from fast dry fun into slippy rooty hell. As you all know, he loved nothing more than a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who came and rode for Andrew on Sunday,it was a great day for us and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves despite the rain. I would have liked to have spoken to more of you but the monsoon really put paid to that. I must thank John Parker for his idea and for all the work he put into making it happen as well as the wonderful picture. It was mooted that we could repeat it next year which would be great. I'm sure that Andrew would be very proud to know that so many friends turned out for him and I know he would have relished the conditions. A special thanks to Rik for leading our small party round the trails it was much appreciated, especially as we promptly got lost when you left us.Susan Cathcart