Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Andy Cathcart Ride.

From John Parker:

I’d like to invite you all to get together and commemorate the life of Andy by riding the trails of Drumlanrig Castle on Sunday 14th June. This was one of Andy’s favourite riding locations due to its twisty technical singletrack. Although in all my time riding there with Andy he never revealed the fact that Drumlanrig actually offers less challenging trails graded green and blue for the saner among us so even if you know someone who would like to come along but is a bit unsure of the trails this could be an option.

Here’s a couple of websites to get the juices flowing: (Copy of the trail map)

There’s also a kids adventure playground which I can personally recommend and the gardens of the castle also make for a nice day out so if you want to bring the family along then it would be a great day out for all.

The only thing we ask of you is to ride with the same fury and passion which Andy did, but this may involve de-tuning your trusty steed by removing a brake or snapping a bolt or two ;-)

The plan is to meet in the lower car park around 10:30am and try and set off around 11:00 am. Rik (The hands that carved the course) at the bike shed has secured enough spaces for us all in this car park

I may have missed people off the list of emails address so I would be grateful if you could pass on the invite to anyone you think would like to come along and share memories.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day.



badger dave said...

Wish I could be there, I'll pay a visit once get back. Last time I saw the guy was at Drumlanrig.

John said...

Thanks for posting this up John I was about to put something on your blog about this. Looking forward to meeting up with all you guys again

John P