Thursday, November 13, 2008

So its time to stop being weak.

Ive been languishing in a tired state for too long. I suspect that there is more than a little mental input into this. Sleeping a lot, tired all the time. Blah.

So Inspired by reading about gym jones in a recent edition of outside, i have decided to *up* the ante on the dynamic weight bearing training rather than resting.

Burn it loose.

Today: Kbells
1 min squat with 20kg
5 turkish get ups with 25kg each side
1 circuit of alternate dips with 2 16kg 10 reps, pressups and lifting on 2 16kg, and shoulder presses again with 2 16kg kbells, repeated.
weighted lunges with 2 16kg kbells, repeated 10 times each side, then repeated again.
a weighted squat with 20kg for 1min and 10 secs



I'm not really gay said...

I read that last night and came to the same conclusion, soon as this damn chest infection has gone I'm in there :)

BMac said...

Tired all the time etc...

I know you're a doctor, but doesn't that suggest something to you?

I made the same mistake many years ago, and just kept pushing when feeling rundown. I was ultrafit, muscles everywhere, run for hours at a time, then next thing I am really sick. Guillain-Barré syndrome, don't let it happen to you, you are never the same again.

Now I'm just an old fart who can barely push his bike (SS of course) up hill.

adjustablecrumpet said...

i am concerned by the image of Jon in a 'turkish get up'... :-%

funny but i've been running and doing lots of extremely satisfying W(oman)TFU strength stuff in place of riding the past few weeks and the high is that much more intense. maybe it's the time of year. or can you develop a resistance to your own endorphins?

dRjON said...

to reanimate a cheesy 80's catch phrase: cross train. when im dragging a 4 " tyre beast up a cross course doused in thick mud, its the drills of 25kg snatchs and skipping that allow me to say "yup, this hurts like fuck, but, i aint going to stop": pain is a signal, nothing more...grrrr! says boy about to do 2 cross races this week end, with 22nd place in the series a possibility! (!)

Anonymous said...

Jon please don't destroy your immune system.
Anonymous fan