Monday, November 24, 2008

Plowing through sand.

Mid week, we realised the cat was, err, how to put this pleasantly, ... stinky.

Not sure why, but there was no hiding from the fact that she was going to need a wash.

If you think herding cats is difficult, you should try getting into a shower with one. Although she looked a little forlorn and bedraggled afterwards, there is no doubt she is smelling all the sweeter for it. Not sure if my chest will heal up any time soon, but a small price to pay for non-foul nuzzles.

Cross on sunday in the seaside town of irvine. Near the inventor centre...included were several steep grassy climbs, rideable and non rideable staircases and just for the belgian aficionados, a beach trail which was 400m or so long.

Not content with that, it hailed, sleeted, blew freezing arctic winds and was generally pretty inhospitable. Especially when the commissar decided he ought to read through the entire bcf rule book on the start line.

We skipped prior to the start and boogied some shapes, but we were all freezing when the whistle went.

Due to a fairly hefty, boozy day prior, marty and myself felt a little fragile. Still, we held our ends up pretty well i think. Anja won the ladies and chris stomped his humu all the way into a very respectable position. Im sure he was actually smiling as he overtook me.

The bikes were wrecked by the sand and wet. I dont know if i have ever wet-washed my roshambo, but there was no denying the fact it was needing it yesterday. The good news is, that once i used some penetrating oil on the sprocket and chain, and some isopropyl alcohol on the brake lever mechanisms, everything seems to spin and work as it should.

It was a mixed-bag way to say good bye to my 35th year, and enter my 36th. I was mediocre on the course, until i eventually got going in the last 10mins. Never did manage to haul back the rude bugger who nearly took out anja and me and several other people with his selfish riding. In saying that, moules frites later on was a perfect way to warm the cockles. Today, I was given some amazing, thoughtful gifts by family and friends, and an early night last night means i feel up for a run this morning to try and clear the cobwebs, before we go to see wilson tan support white denim later on.


Simon said...

That's a great sticker on the TT of the Surly - where do I buy one?

dRjON said...

Dean said...

Belated birthday hugs, tache-boy.


chrisD said...

happy birthday too, er, not sure about the hug, though