Monday, July 21, 2008


Despite still being under the cosh of a mild bug, i decided to head out and try and get some miles in. The weather was best east, so off i went to spend the day in the pentlands. Initially, and as is my want, i headed up stoorie b to get some technical riding in. Needless, to say the fact i couldnt get the heart rate over 170 without feeling like i was going to pass out hampered my moves. Blah. Managed to drop a few slidy trails and pop over a few rocks, then headed out to cammo and from thence to the pentland hills.

A peaceful day in the hills, except for the incessant creak and knock of the fork. I tore the headset apart the other day as it is the source of the creaking. The pace fork steerer is notched from headset play, so the Foskett-set will be nary too soon. Meanwhile i have to put up with knocking and juddering despite perfect preload. Ah well.

On the way up to Harlaw, i found this wigwam. The trails leading to it are amazing, the woods would make a great bivvy spot too.

Climbing up, up and away with the top of caerketton hill as my far spot, before turning round and then down and following the water of leith back into edinburgh via spylaw. All in all, 50 miles, 6 hours and some heavy legs. Shenandoah is creeping up fast. So far i know what bike i am taking, and what pack/food/hydration i'll use. My fitness may be good, but if it is, it is well hidden at the moment.

We'll see.


cass said...

hey jonathan,
thought you might like this post:

Pugsley... (saliva)

dRjON said...

small world! eric (bearbait) is making some bags for me, inbetween his adventures. lovely guy and amazing detail orientation. suspect that comes of actually using the stuff he makes in pretty inhospitable places eh?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just get rid of the King headset? If you want an expensive one get a Cane Creek 110. Is there a reason for continuing to use the King even with major modifications?

dRjON said...

yes. bearings are the best sealed and most robust and i own the ck already....