Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flux capacitator.

So they *haven't* switched CERN on yet. I got a mail from the loveliest of bikie chicks to let me know there have been some issues getting the bugger down below 2 kelvin. 2 kelvin by the way is colder than the near-vacuum that is outer space. Really fecking cold indeed.

I have been following the CERN Large Hadron Collider thing for awhile. In essence, they are trying to look into the finer aspects of sub atomic physics by accelerating particles at each other as fast as possible and noting the effects of the collision, with particular focus on working out the relationship between electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces. This is part of trying to ascertain a Grand Unification Theory. I wont go into details, but its all pretty fascinating. As a side effect, or perhaps the word would be additional effect, there is the chance they will create black holes which should allow study of what is currently theory once you pass the event horizon (see last paragraph regarding 'beyond general relativity), prior to their theorized evaporation.

Pretty cool stuff. Except, once you think about it, and cogitate the creation of mini black holes, you get a bit freaked. The question arises, is there a precedent for this? I mean is it safe?

Well, theory is that these mini black holes are being created all the time, evaporating super fast and as such dont cause any problems as far as we know, so ones *we* make are likely to be fine too....

Cool eh?

Its got that de lorean time machine thing about it...



Anonymous said...

Ah, this is so pithy it's denser than Miss Higg's bosom!!
OUCH my head hurts...
is more thinking on these imponderables of the universe.
Hope your head doesn't explode...
Gloria (Higg's little dense sister) Stitz

Nick said...

2 Kelvin.

Pah. That's positively warm.

My alma mater, more specifically my old physics lecturer, can cool things down to within fractions of a degree of 0 Kelvin.