Wednesday, July 30, 2008


See, sometimes it becomes apparent that taking the passive route may not be the best route. I rode to work the other day, then to the PO box, then back to work. A grand total of 1 mile riding. Twice, drivers clapped eyes on me and then pulled out right in front of me. Once, someone didn't even look and pulled out. If i was a) less capable b) looking at something else for a split second - BAM!

When the 5-oh get in on the act, like this example taken from the gothamist/urban velo, weeeeeeelll i dont know ... you wonder what humanity is coming to.

JG Ballard often writes about the degradation of humanity within a split second of normality taking a back seat. A theme that another gotham resident is often tied up with.

Seems it is so very close to the surface sometimes.

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