Saturday, July 07, 2007


Back from Mayhem and we have been homeless now for 2 weeks. We have been living out of a bag (each) and a coffee machine in the car. We have been having the bathroom 'done', which means walls down, floor up, new joists, plaster, ceiling, window, electrical supply and lights. Its something we didnt really think about in depth, but put the toilet out of action for any length of time and you just cant live there. Because the floor has need to be replaced (rather than just lined), the toilet couldnt be plumbed in. Then we found we didnt have the pipe that links the cistern to the toilet. A special diameter (from 50-44mm) it seems. Sound familiar?

"A dura ace itso bit m 666 flange sir? otherwise the bike will never work again? (whistles)...not sure you will ever get one..."

What else? being hammering it at the gym. Which is doing my head in. The rain at the moment would put Noah off....the trails are either under water or are just them and bike. It just is miserable. Its even force me to buy a new piece of clothing. Yes. Forced.

A Pearl Izumi vagabond jacket. Nice piece of kit, water resistant, wind proof, but zip off sleeves (both together) so you have a gilet and minimal stuff to store if you need to divest yourself of part of the layer....good stuff.

Moved up a 'level' at the kettlebells. Pressing and snatching and polish get ups are now solidly in the 20kg bracket, which is good, and the recovery is excellent. Running and 1 hour long blasts on the town bike to fill in gaps between deluges. All in a last ditch attempt to regain some form for 10 around kirroughtree. Im looking forward to it. Losing the Meridas from my schedule has left a larger vacuum than i had anticipated. I need an aim, a goal. otherwise i think i can kiss my season good by. We'll see.

Harlan Price has been putting his if/lefty to good use hammering the Super d races....i have added his blog, which is a good read...just goes to show a good rider can easily make up for not having 4" rear travel...

Ok. Off to drink coffee. On a related note, i now have the solis crema up and running and bought a Reg Barber Maple tall, c flat, tamp in order to really start turning out a decent cup o' joe.

Want some?

(photo courtesy of martysavalas)

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