Monday, July 23, 2007


Perseverance is something i seem to be lacking this year. Or maybe its just all the million and one things that are going on - meaning i am struggling to focus on any one thing. Dunno.

The house looks like a bomb site, literally. lots of building work, which is (yup! you guessed it!) taking much longer than initially anticipated. Lots of thought and fussing, and the imminent need of lots of action regarding the'll be fine, as long as we do our work...and it's that stage where we need actual physical results instead of concepts and plans.

But it was sunny today so having struggled slightly at Kirroughtree (which i am going to procrastinate on typing any more about, as i want to do a longer write up---it was interesting on a number of levels) i felt i needed to get some miles into my legs. With all the rain recently, a road ride seemed like the thing so i saddled up on the Nzumbi and headed out of Glasgow. The route took me to Strathblane, then Drymen, and from there to Tarbet along Loch Lomond side and over to Arrochar, down to Faslane and Helensburgh and back to Glasgow. Pretty much 90 miles. A headwind on the way out and sunshine and a tail wind on the way back suited the 48:18 well...a good spin and constant smooth peddling with just one meaty climb past an enormous, humming navy ship sitting being refuelled in the shadow of Ben Arthur.

The Faslane 365 crew were just up, cooking and shuffling about as i rolled odd juxtaposition compared to the 3 rows of razor wire, cctv and dogs on the other side of the road.

I had originally planned a bigger route, but wanted to go down the coast section and also my digestive system has been a bit, err, boisterous today so i felt the need to be heading back to civilisation rather than further towards the highlands. A beautiful day.

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Nick said...

nice tan!