Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mountain mayhem x

So we trundled down to Ledbury for mountain mayhem X. Ten years since we sat huddled in wet tents, around a pile of debris once recognisable as bicycles, with a developing and now permanent aversion to eddie izzard. We joined the usual suspects at hecklers corner and after chris presented us with our new Telly Savalas overalls (ace work) we hit the beers and turned up the chat meter. Seems for some this got a little out of hand as an intruder raged into our campsite and started pushing one of our number around as he couldnt get to sleep on account of our impromptu fire work display.

I dont know. Is the joke wearing thin? how far do we have to camp from the 'serious' folk to behave as we please (ish).

After a relatively dry evening the morning brought rain and the trails barely had time to (sort of) dry out before the start. The event was huge and as we were camped in a corridor of the course, we had an epic time heckling and jeering at friends and unknowns both. Megaphones in full effect, with the cardboard jump of doom and the offering of bloody marys (courtesy of biff) i think we did it right.

Telly was taking a year off more serious racing and our numbers this year were the full complement of 5. Albeit in a 4 man team. Still, precious few laps were done before we decided to call it a day (with a last shout of 'lights are for pussies' from one of our number as he sped off to complete a dusk lap with no lights. Good job we did head to our kip sacks, as the rain really started to get going and it was clear the forecast for biblical downpours wasnt going to avoid us.

Sunday morning was pretty hideous, though a couple of laps were done. Better was the football and bottle rocket shenanigans with the bacon boys and toby after the race was done.

All in all, great fun...emotional even...


shaggy said...

top, top weekend!

Buck said...

Sounds like you guys have your priorities in order. Heckling and pissing off the way too serious types. NIce work

Nick said...

less worcestershire sauce and more celery salt that man.