Monday, June 18, 2007


Hmm. Actually went for a bike ride today, down to drumlanrig.

1st: i was a mess. Not sure if im viral, or just tired/unfit, but turning the pedals was a chore and a half today. Managed 2 laps of the red~black route, which is always entertaining and the roots and rocks and twists and turns didnt fail to keep me on the edge after 2 days+ solid rain. Pretty disappointed in my form. Or lack of it...there is of course a solution to that. Drink less beer, sleep more and ride more. Simple.

2nd: I utilised the Thule 545-1 wheel holders today. Much easier than everything in boot, and much less air resistance than an entire bike on roof. Ace. The carriers needed modified though, as they are all made for front wheels, so a bit of judicious filing and painting and a good bit of brute force to widen to 135 mm and its a good'un.

3rd: Put the first miles on the maxxis cross mark on the rear. Seem good, better climbing traction than anticipated, pretty good cornering/lean, light, slef clearing except in real goop, and very decent braking.


Because im interested, heres a link to the Great Divide Race. I reckon it may end in a new fast time. We'll see. Dave Nice may well be the first fixed to finish too, hopefully. Best of luck one and all.

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trev said...

glad you liked the maxxis, thought you would!