Monday, November 06, 2006

One of those days

Met my brah chris in Aviemore this morning with a view to checking out some trails I found the other day. The sun was shining as I drove up the road, needing a stout cup of coffee. The clouds were ripping across the sky which was corn flower blue. We met in the Mountain Cafe and indulged in the well brewed joe available there. After a brief natter, we hit the trails - it is all too easy to get too comfortable in the Cafe and disappear the whole day.

I'm not sure I could put a figure to it, but my suspicion is that there are very few really world class days (as in *whole* days) riding in the average riders life. This was definitely one of mine.

Everywhere we looked there were singletrack trails, firm, slightly sandy and covered in pine needles snaking off between the trees. Every one is a peach.

Nestled back in the Mountain Cafe, hoovering more coffee and lamb and mint burgers, I don't think the smile slipped for more than a few seconds...

Blessed days.


jkm said...

Blessed indeed - hold on to the memories.

Nick said...

Lucky lucky lucky chaps.

Chreestophel said...

And you missed out on FrenchToastAndGrilledBaconWithLashingsOfMapleSyrup second breakfast extravaganza.

What you said.

; )

Dan Lees said...

Nice...I call them Karma days, when the crap rides and shocking weather pay off.