Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Growing a moustache

Recently I sold a 94 Kona kilauea and bought a Cotic Roadrat. The main reason was my growing love of 700c wheels.

Initially, I had a set of flat bars and a long-ish (Steelman) stem on it.

Then I added bar ends, as I am so used to my Jones bars, the 'elbows out' position afforded by flat bars is now uncomfortable.

The Jones bars are far too po$h to use on a town bike, so I picked up some nitto moustache bars.

Here's the results:


Cellarrat said...

How are you liking that bike? I'm thinking about maybe getting one shipped over here?

Kinna seems to fit my riding style...

dRjON said...

its really nice. quite steep. this is the small size and although it looks non tiny the fork is short so that keeps it all tight.

nice attention to detail, good eyelet provision, well finished, and ok-weight wise.

recommended. i was sorry to hear about your second bike theft. unbelievable....bastards

Ben said...

Hey Jon,

Been reading your blog for a while and notice that you had been riding a Roadrat, did you ever ride this fixed?

I am looking at turning mine into either fixed or flip/flop but struggling to find the right wheel setup, just wondering if you had any success in this direction?

Would appreciate a quick email conversation if you don't mind? ben(at)