Sunday, September 03, 2006


A little while ago now, I was talking to my friend Shaggy about this and that, mumbling and postulating. For some reason we got around to talking about Trimble mtb's. They were pretty wild back in the day. Sausage like spars of carbon fiber, with tiger stripes or polka dots.

I had a particular penchant for these frames and when I found out last year or so that Trimble might be back in the game, I asked about the possibility of a 29"er frame.

Due to some sort of disagreement between managers and investors and perhaps Brent Trimble and other project managers, Trimble is still a a name from the past.

The 29"er? well, it almost happened. Indeed, it looked like it had a lot of potential in terms of stand over, and clearance issues:

If you want to see more Trimbles, and get a little background info on these or any vintage bikes, set your main sail and take a heading for here.


Nick said...

They are indeed lovely.

Must confess a want myself. Strictly 26er though :-)

Anonymous said...

it happened check out

they are back in business