Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Foo fighting

Back from a lovely week end in Aviemore. As some may know I wasn't exactly very well last week... seems to have mostly passed, but I am gled we got away at all. Managed to race albeit slowish...6th in masters which I can't complain about. The course was the classic Badaguish technical root and rock fest with one fire road climb per lap. As usual the technical sections were my strong point and allowed me to catch up each lap. This made up for being extremely wobbly (tho' not sick!) on the climbs. Marty raced too, despite having a almost sleepless night due to a noisy air conditioner. Resplendent on his new VooDoo and in pink Assos socks.

Thankyou to Susan and Trina (and new friend...) for supports.

The best aspect of the week end was enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Aviemore. It really is a 'mountain resort' and the Mountain Cafe allows healthy calorie loading for enjoying the freshest air.

Trina and myself rode around Rothiemurchas Estate and enjoyed another beautiful day and fine views of Cairngorm on Monday. I *really* enjoyed riding this area with my wife. There doesn't seem to be anything that brings out the happiness of just being on a bike as much as sharing it with someone you love, in a place you love.

I had felt this recently on a ride with Chris and Jac in the Pentlands near Edinburgh. No rush, no training zones, no particular need to do a distance or 'make it back here'. Just pure enjoyment shared with the like-est of like minds.

In other news: well done to all the peeps who battled the 3 peaks. Jenn scored 3rd (!) and everyone else showed the warrior hearts to finish the race and smile.


Anonymous said...

want a pair of socks like Martin's!

marty said...

assos? they're sidi (baby).

anonymous - make me an offer, fit 43s, worn once :)

adjustablecrumpet said...

i may have had a podium but you have the hair, man, the hair...! ;o)